'The Old Skool Edition' Provides the Perfect Throwback

16th July

Gymbox presents... The Old Skool Edition was the night of the summer and here at Gymbox, we're into forward planning. We knew you'd have a fabulous night but inevitably wake up the next morning with beer fear and huge, gaping holes in your memory. That's why we sent our resident blogger Kat to remember it all, and yes, we mean all of it 👀

Make sure you check out the full video of all the antics here


There’s never a dull moment at a Gymbox party, and ‘Old Skool Edition’ was no different. With a 90s and 00s theme, I was prepped to spend a night celebrating a simpler time, when Destiny’s Child were still together and high-rise jeans were a sin.

I was also keen for any excuse to dress outrageously and had chosen a pleather snakeskin number that made me resemble the love-child of Gwen Stefani and Anastasia. Because if you can’t do it at a Gymbox party, when can you?!

As me and my partner in crime made our way to the London Fields venue, I saw a few suspects decked out in double denim, visors and bumbags. I wondered, were these party-goers or just East London hipsters? My suspicions were proven as we followed them down into the evenings venue, Hangar nightclub.


Stepping into the main dance room, I was greeted by a sea of mostly familiar faces: some staff, some Gymbox members, and those just wanting to take advantage of a good party. Neon spotlights lit up the walls and I found myself ducking out the way as inflatable umbrellas, rings and beach balls were thrown across the dance floor. This was all while performers danced on stage to a soundtrack provided by DJ Daz Vegas, some with LED hula hoops and wearing outfits even more outrageous than mine.

It was like a festival taking place inside someone’s basement, and I was glad I wouldn’t be part of the clean-up crew.


After locating the bar, we collapsed onto faux-designer chic sofas (complete with Chanel, Versace and Louis Vuitton cushions) to judge everyone’s outfits. Pink velour, skin-tight leather and incredibly baggy denim were all being worn shamelessly. I was happy to see so many people had taken the opportunity to recreate iconic looks worn by the Spice Girls and Britney, amongst others.

It was then that I noticed the bouncy castle in the shape of a washing machine.

Yes, a washing machine.

I will admit that this giant inflatable contraption did make me question if I’d somehow done shots without noticing. But no, it was there, bubbles streaming in front of it from a machine nearby.


As I was certain this was the only time I’d ever get excited by a household appliance, I made a pact with my friend to go in before the night was out. We then decided to investigate the rest of the venue.

Past the stage was a high-ceilinged, pink-lit room that provided a breather from the dance floor and plenty of photo opp’s. A giant pool flamingo, rainbow and cloud inflatables sat next to mini-trampolines, while projections of 90's photos and luminous lights shone onto the walls.

If this room showed me anything, it’s that rubber pool floats and trampolines become infinitely more interesting when mixed with intoxicated, high-heeled party goers. It wasn’t long before accidental photo-bombs and misjudged bounces were causing beautiful, drunken friendships to blossom.


Having survived the obstacle course of trampolines, making new friends in the process, we headed back to the main room. Here, figures in Lycra were dancing to Meltout Crew’s mix of Dancehall, Grime, Hip Hop and Garage, while Gymbox members showed off their own skills on the dance-floor. Results were mixed, with one group pulling out moves I will class optimistically as ‘brave '.

This, and a large amount of vodka, gave me the confidence to do in public what I usually do whilst home alone: belt out Missy Elliot and pretend I know how to dance.


After embarrassing myself by knocking an inflatable directly into someone’s face (if you’re reading this, I am so sorry), I decided to honour my friends pact and dive inside the washing machine. This was easier said than done, but nothing helps you make friends quite as quickly as rocketing into them inside an enclosed, inflatable space.

We reached new heights inside that thing, but quickly tapped-out after releasing it was a bit more of a workout than we’d bargained for. After all, this was a Gymbox party, not a gym session.

With my feet back on solid ground and a G&T in my hand, it was time to make the most of the decked-out venue and Meltout Crew’s epic set. Mixing 90's bangers with modern day dance anthems left no room for disappointment, and the DJs proved themselves to be the perfect trio to soundtrack the night.


As the party drew to a close, inflatables were thrown, drinks were spilled and raps skilfully executed by yours truly. I learnt how to safely traverse a trampoline in 6-inch boots and managed to convince myself that, actually, 90's fashion wasn’t so bad.

When the lights began to go up at 3am, I felt as deflated as the sinking bouncy castle. The theme had definitely been a success and I wasn’t looking forward to heading back out into the much less glittery 2019. Though the journey home would be long, Gymbox presents... The Old Skool Edition had been well worth the trip.


Check out the full video here.

Our next infamous night of fun and debauchery is in November keep an eye on our socials for when tickets are live!

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