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Back in the day, a decent wage and a week off in Benidorm was all you’d need for a happy workforce. But times have changed. Your people need more – and when it comes to choosing where to spend their 9-5, they’re not afraid to play the field.

So, let’s talk tactics. A cracking benefits package that includes corporate gym membership is a shrewd move for employers wanting to keep the best talent all to themselves. But offering Gymbox membership at a club that grants access to the most inspiring, energising work out experience in London? Well, you’ll smash staff schmoozing out of the park.
Part fitness club. Part night club. We’re the antidote to boring gyms. And we’re here to make your investment work harder than a newbie in a spin class. To supercharge your productivity through sweaty training, bruising beats and lung-busting fun. To be your partner in the mission for a happier, healthier and more motivated team.

Stick with us and you’ll soon be hitting that workout/life balance like a (literal) boss. Ready to take a look around?


The fact you’ve read this far tells us a lot about you. You’re the curious type, aren’t you? Someone who’s not scared to break out of the old status quo. We like that. Probably because we’re that way inclined too. Gymbox started life as a simple idea that working out shouldn’t have to be another job to add the endless list we Londoners already have to chug through day in, day out. And today, we’re applying that philosophy to help all kinds of businesses energise their commute-weary teams.

Ours is a formula that works. Why? Well, mainly, because we’ve made Gymbox a place we love to train in ourselves. When it comes to fitness clubs, we’ve seen some things, man. The identikit layouts. Predictable classes. Sad, unloved facilities and equipment that still give us nightmares. It’s not exactly inspiring, is it? And that’s why, in 2003, we bought out a Holborn car park to start up the gym we’d been waiting for all our lives. It was time to start doing fitness our way – and we threw the doors open to every Londoner in search of enlightenment.

That was when we unveiled our business plan. Unique classes. Live DJs. Larger-than-life personal trainers. All thrown in with world-class equipment and a pumping environment designed by the architectural masterminds behind Manchester’s legendary Hacienda nightclub. Our empty car park was transformed into a gym like no other. And fast forward ten years, we’re a family of eleven clubs (and growing).

We might not be corporate. But we know how to get the best out of your people, so they in turn give their best for you. If you’d like to find out more about the business case for getting really hot and sweaty, let’s talk.


Corporate gym membership isn’t new. In this health-conscious world, everyone knows that regular exercise has its benefits – and we’re not just talking buffer Insta feeds. In business terms: the fitter you are, the sharper you are, the more productive you are. Oh, and less days off sick too. Boom.

But with so many gyms to partner with, why choose Gymbox? Well, to us, corporate membership isn’t just about Ian in HR building eye-popping glutes and Sara in Sales bench pressing her bodyweight before breakfast. The Gymbox experience gives your people much more than that. It’s being part of a lifestyle. A tribe. One that’s revolutionising workouts and workplaces all over London.

Each club is original, unusual and challenging (in a really fun and sweaty way). A lot of thought goes into the personalities we hire, the beats dropping from the sound systems, and all 110 classes we run every week. And the unique buzz you get out of it is what comes back to your office.

This is no run-of-the-treadmill gym. We’ve built our name on doing things differently. On understanding what people really want – and just making life that bit more exciting. We’re here to bring more value to your staff experience – boosting your rep as an employer and building serious business gains.


So what goes on behind those mysterious doors? You need to see it believe it. But we’ve created a playground designed to motivate your people through fitness, fun and full-on sweat-fests. With a schedule of 110 classes each week, there’s something for everyone – whether you’re after a challenge that’ll put hairs on your chest or send you soaring to a celestial plane.

Combat, Pilates, dance, spin, yoga, weight pumping, functional training, pole dancing, all kinds of circuits … an inexhaustible supply of ways to exhaust yourself, all run by an army of instructors who are experts in making you knackered. Then there’s the best free weights rooms in London, Olympic-sized boxing rings, sparring, functional areas and cage fighting (in a real cage.) Not to mention our perspirational Very Personal Trainers and all the latest state-of-the-art equipment a gym should ever have.

On the subject of essentials, we also have over 2000 tracks on our playlist - one for every sit-up - as well as DJs who play live every night of the week. It’s a vibe that’s nightclub, not fightclub. And when you’re done wrecking yourself for the day? Our fully-kitted changing and shower rooms spoil you with a recovery space to ready your return to the real world. It’s quite the ride.


  • Bank

    71 Lombard Street
    EC3V 9AY

  • Ealing

    Unit 15 Dickens Yard,
    Longfield Ave
    W5 2TD

  • Elephant and Castle

    Unit 7
    38 New Kent Road
    SE1 6TJ

  • Farringdon

    12A Leather Lane
    EC1N 7SS

  • Finsbury Park

    Marketing Pop-Up
    4 -5 Goodwin Street
    N4 3HQ

  • Holborn

    100 High Holborn
    WC1V 6RD

  • Old Street

    201A Old Street
    EC1V 9NP

  • Victoria

    10 Greencoat House, Francis Street
    SW1P 1DH

  • Westfield London

    Westfield Shopping Centre
    W12 7GF

  • Westfield Stratford

    6A Chestnut Place
    Westfield Stratford City
    London E20 1GL


So you’re sold on the commercial value of sending your people to a nightclub at lunchtime where they can go tyre flipping or sledge pulling. Great stuff. But how do you pay for it? Easy. There are two ways: either the company pays or the employee does, and always at a head-turning corporate rate.


True to form, we’re happy to do things differently. Everything’s as flexible as a 3-week veteran of Vinyasa Yoga at Gymbox. We’ll give you the option to transfer memberships between departing and new employees. Add new memberships with a price guarantee. And you can do it all through our uber-friendly group administration department.


Spotting the finances on behalf of your employees? Nice one. We’ll make it nice and simple to set up, and you’ll have the full support of our group administration department too.

Ways to pay

Company Invoice
Company pays by annual or monthly invoice.
Company Direct Debit 
Company pays through a monthly BACS payment. 
Employee Payroll 
Employee pays Gymbox directly using one of the options above, and company pays employee though payroll scheme.


Alternatively, if your employees are taking charge, we’ll set you up initially through the company, based on a guaranteed number of employees signing up. From there, membership can then continue directly between Gymbox and employee.

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You’re one step closer to the most unique classes, the coolest interiors and sickest tunes London has to offer. A member of the team will be in touch to get you booked in for a tour, we can’t wait to see you soon! In the meantime, why not give us a follow on Instagram @gymboxofficial and see what’s to come.