The Collab You've All Been Waiting For...

27th February

If you follow our socials you’ll have already seen our big news, if not, here it comes.. We’ve teamed up with our mates over at Gymshark at their month-long pop up store that’s going to take Covent Garden by storm for three weeks and we’ll be bringing with us some of London’s most unique classes. Keep reading for everything you need to know.


Throwing the doors open on Friday 28th February for their longest pop up EVER, Gymshark are bringing their URL to IRL for 3 wonderful weeks in Covent Garden. Upstairs will be a full retail store with the shop being refreshed with new releases EVERY week. Downstairs is where we come in, and things are about to get a lot sweatier…

For 3 weeks, we’ll be bringing 16 of our unique classes to Long Acre and each week will be showcasing a different style of training. Week one is all things MetCon, week two is combat focussed and we’ll be bringing some holistic vibes to finish the collab in week three.


Not sure what you're into, check out the full class descriptions below:

METCON HIIT | Short, quick and hotter than hell – there’s no messing about with MetCon. It’s the no-nonsense way to walk in and crawl out.

BEASTMODE | If you’re after bodyweight HIIT and weighted conditioning in a single workout this ones for you, prepare to go full beast.

CAVEMEN AND NEANDERGALS | A circuit class, but not as you know it. Alternate between bodyweight and obstacle based exercises... kettlebell swings, box jumps, sandbag slams + more.

AMRAP | A morning session to help you bust as many reps as possible with a speed rap soundtrack to help you on your way.

BATTLEBELLS | Whether you wage war with ropes, sandbags or kettlebells, this is a workout for true warriors focussing on power, endurance and HIIT.

WOD SQUAD | Pulling, pushing, climbing, lifting. Simple, right? You’ll mix up these four functional movements to give your body a good hiding.


Fancy getting all fight club, check out what they’re all about below:

COUNTERKICK | A cardio based kickboxing class. Expect to find rounds of HIIT training and bag work which take you through the basic boxing and kicking techniques.

COUNTERPUNCH | A cardio based boxing class. Slightly different to Counterkick, this class revolves more around gymboxing; taking you through the basic boxing techniques with HIIT training and bag work.

KILLER COMBAT | Whether you’re kicking up a few notches in prep for a fight or just like more workouts a bit tougher than most, try a combat circuit that would make even Rocky cry.

SWORDPLAY | Combining discipline, focus and a graceful touch through dance, Swordplay is a coming together of ancient art form with choreographed combat.


Swole and flexy more your vibe? Check out the flow classes below:

ROLLING WITH MY YOGIS | A dynamic yoga flow with a yoga wheel created to help perfect various yoga poses and backbends.

CONTORTION | Focusing on backbends and the splits through progressive stretching, this class utilises props such as blocks and ropes to help improve all-round flexibility.

YOGA FOR LIFTING | Whatever impact your training has had on your body, Yoga for Lifting makes the most of your motion by getting stronger, stretchier and increasing your range of movement.

STRETCH AND MASSAGE | Feeling a little sore and tight from your training session? You're in luck - this class guides you through a variety of stretching ropes and foam rolling exercises; increasing flexibility and promoting myofascial release.

SWEAT TO THE BEAT | This is bodyweight endurance to a beat, challenging your strength, sculpting your figure and making music pulse through every muscle. This catchy conditioning class is guaranteed to get peak fitness pouring from every pore.

For all the info on when the next ticket drop is happening keep an eye on our socials, you don’t want to miss this.

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