New classes for January '22

3rd January

Are we glad to see the back of 2021? Yes, and to be fair, WHO ISN’T? But not just cos we’re keeping everything crossed that the physical pain and mental challenges will be saved solely for the studio this year. We’re even letting ourselves get a bit excited too – all thanks to a fresh batch of future fitness classics hitting the timetable this January to get your 2022 flying. And tumbling. And maybe smashing out some calisthenics too. All while brushing up on our language skills. Intrigued? Vérifiez-le…

This new year, do you learn a new language? Focus on fitness? Or smash both at Coaching Linguistics? Studies show that exercise is the best way to flex those lingo muscles fast – and with Gymbox’s international instructors putting you through your paces in their native language all class, you can expect a tongue lashing like no other.

Saturdays 11:45, Covent Garden / Tuesdays 17:45 + Thursdays 18:30, Elephant & Castle / Thursdays 17:30 + 20:00, Farringdon / Thursdays 13:15, Old Street / Mondays 13:00, Stratford / Mondays 13:00, Victoria / Sundays 13:00, Westfield London

Why go dry this January? Get your fitness kick AND beer fix at Bar Crawl: a Strongman style, pub-inspired circuit class where you’ll press, push, squat and lift kegs in a workout that burns up to 800 calories. If you’re still standing by the final round you’ll even leave with a guaranteed six-pack… of Tiny Rebel tinnies. Ready to give up on giving up this year too? We’ll drink to that.

Mondays 18:30, Ealing / Thursdays 19:15, Elephant & Castle / Wednesdays 18:30, Farringdon / Fridays 19:15, Stratford / Tuesdays 19:30, Victoria

Succumb to self-expression at the aerial dance class where sensuality takes the spotlight. Blending release technique choreography and free-flowing Fly Low style, deliciously smooth moves send you seamlessly from hammock to ground in gravity-defying routines. Gliding, spinning and swinging effortlessly through the air, it’s where floorwork lovers let their inner performer soar.

Tuesdays 20:00, Stratford / Wednesdays 18:30, Victoria / Thursdays 17:30, Old Street / Thursdays 18:00, Farringdon / Thursdays 18:30, Elephant & Castle

Let’s get ready to tumble. It’s You vs Gravity in the class that arms you with the spectacular skills to build your mobility and conquer the floor. Whether you’re a dancer, gymnast, cross fitter or just fancy doing something that looks cool as hell, come learn the holds, rolls, cartwheels and flips to up your tumbling game. Through progressions, regressions, circuits and sequences, crack the somersaulting smackdown every athlete needs in their life.

Mondays 18:15, Elephant & Castle / Tuesdays 18:30, Victoria / Saturdays 13:00, Farringdon

Incredible strength. Impeccable skill. Make this year the biggest yet for Calisthenics at Calisseum – the collab set on tightening technique and getting you competition ready in x4 12-week training cycles. Switching between progressive and regressive holds in Statics sessions and colossal conditioning circuits in Reps class, it’s a programme to get you pushing and pulling your way to peak fitness. Show up, step up. Join the calisthenics movement.

Thursdays 18:30 + Sundays 13:00, Ealing / Wednesdays 19:30 + Saturdays 13:00, Elephant & Castle / Mondays 18:45 + Sundays 13:30, Farringdon / Wednesdays 19:15 + Saturdays 13:00, Stratford / Wednesdays 19:00 + Thursdays 19:00, Victoria / Tuesdays 18:00 + Saturdays 10:00, Westfield London

All classes bookable via the Gymbox App.

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