New Class for February: Lymphomania

13th February

Whether you’re loved up or loving single life, try a restorative self-massage session that proves that nobody knows how to hit the right spots quite like you do.

‘Lymphatic drainage’ might not sound like the sexiest of fluid-inducing processes, but the glow you feel after these 45-minutes of self-stimulation may have you thinking again.

Pairing a series of tapping, shaking and body rebounding movements with a sculpting self-massage of the neck, face, ears and head, Lymphomania teaches tricks and techniques to target your lymph nodes and get everything flowing freely again.

The lymphatic system serves as the body’s secondary vascular system, dedicated to ‘purging toxins’, by collecting excess fluid in tissue and returning it to your bloodstream. As all our cells rely on lymph fluid to boost immunity and remove waste, it’s a system that certainly deserves attention– but all too often, it’s overlooked.

Unlike the circulatory system, it needs a little help to get pumping – from natural forces like gravity, breath and gentle motion. Without this, blockages and stagnation can leave you feeling sluggish, constipated, less energetic and noticeably puffier. But by tending your system with some much-needed TLC, Lymphomania helps to overcome all of that.

Held within the relaxing setting of our ambient studio spaces, members have the opportunity to give their lymphatic system the care it craves, in a premium wellness experience they deserve.

Targeting crucial lymphatic structures with gentle pressure, sensual touch and deliciously deep breaths, it’s a class that knows how to treat your nodes. (And with roughly 600 of them working their magic on our bodies, it’s no surprise the process leaves you feeling so good.)

As the latest addition to the Holistic class category, the focus on restoration and rejuvenation makes the perfect option for heavy-lifting members to unwind on rest days, or new joiners to ease their way into the club.

With every stretch, twist, breath and rub, the session is fully designed to give this vital system a whole lot of love – giving members the release they need to live life with a little more glow.

(Starting from Weds 14th Feb)

Tuesdays: Victoria, 1:30pm

Wednesdays: Holborn, 12:30pm / Bank, 5:00pm / WFL, 12:00pm

Thursdays: E&C, 7:30pm

Fridays: Farringdon, 12:15pm

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