Lymphomania: Interview with Carli @lymphlover

13th March

What drew you to lymphatic drainage and how did you become a specialist?

I’ve always been into health and fitness and I’ve always had a lot of inner demons; big dreams and perfectionism run through my veins! This leads to some nervous system issues, tightness and tension and a whole mix of emotions - as most of us humans experience. When I was young, a good workout would fix me, but then that didn’t work so well anymore.

I studied nutrition to help with inflammation and training recovery, which is still important to me today. As I got a little bit older, I realised I needed to do more work pre and post training to help with workouts, life and to relax. I found that switching off was getting a little tougher.

I tried many treatments, but nothing lasted long. So, as I always do, I went back to basics. I studied anatomy and physiology, in particular how important it is to get waste (cell waste, metabolic waste, food waste) out of our system.

We need to work specific areas in the body to help the flow (or “chi” in eastern medicine) of drainage. Essentially, our body is big pipes which become medium pipes, which become small pipes, and these pipes must run freely in order to be well. So, after lots more studying, I developed my own treatment. I now teach this as a class: Lymphomania!

This class will show you the key places you should massage, touch and vibrate in order to get maximum energy and feel amazing. Within your first class, you’ll feel completely different.

How has practicing self-massage and lymphatic drainage impacted your life?

It’s given me power. I love feeling like I don’t need anyone else to be well! I love being able to look after myself in every way.

Is lymphatic drainage for everyone?

Yes, everyone! Some signs you need lymphatic work are…you’re human!

But seriously, lymphatic drainage is definitely for you if you get headaches, poor sleep, suffer from bloating or are struggling to lose excess weight - did you know that if your lymphatic system is overburdened, your body will make additional fat cells to dump waste into in order to protect your internal organs, yikes!

If you find your ankles and legs get puffy, or you’re having issues with bowel movements, these are also signs you need some manual help.

What mental benefits can people get from lymphatic drainage?

We are either stressed or relaxing. Which one do you think is conducive to healing?!

Lymphatic drainage puts you into a parasympathetic state which is a state where you rest, digest and relax.

What benefits can people expect from taking Lymphomania?

You can expect to feel more relaxed. If you have tightness and tension in your back, neck or legs it will go away. Your breathing and recovery will improve and you will sleep better. Your face and belly will also feel less puffy and the weight of the world will dissolve!

What’s your top tip for an effective massage sesh?

Watch, learn, practice and be inquisitive. Don’t worry if you’re not doing it exactly right, just roughly get the right order and area and enjoy getting to know your skin. Just enjoy the experience!

You can follow Carli on Instagram and Kat here

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