'Lost in Space': The Official Debrief

18th February

You’ve battled through dry January and its once again safe to talk about booze induced fun, so here’s our official debrief of the last Gymbox party. It’s a little-reported fact that several spots around London experienced catastrophic shortages in silver glitter, green body paint and turkey-roasting foil ahead of Christmas – and it was all down to one thing. Lost In Space. We sent you lot out of the stratosphere with a stellar night in North London’s coolest club and the space oddities we filled it with ensured this was not your average kind of Christmas party, as our blogger Kat soon found out…


The night of the last infamous Gymbox bash, after many an in-depth conversation about what we were all going to wear, I decided to dress like I was heading to a festival on the moon. This involved a silver bra, tiny shorts, lots of mesh and glitter (obviously.) After I’d mentally prepared myself to walk out into 5C half-naked, me and my friend made our way to the venue, Five Miles in Seven Sisters.

A conveniently short walk from the Victoria line, this hot little spot is a place that screamed “90s warehouse party.” In fact, if there hadn’t been an astronaut stood outside we might have walked past it. But once we stepped inside, it was clear we were in the right place.

A silver backdrop covered the entryway wall, making the perfect spot for guests to get their shot for the ‘gram, while around the corner Daddy Nature was getting the night well and truly started. The room was filled with partygoers dressed in everything from spacesuits to sequin dresses to cyber-punk looking festival gear. It felt like we’d been picked up by a spacecraft for an end of the world party. But… you know, in a fun way.

Having waded to the bar through a sea of colourful wigs, silver outfits and interesting headgear, we grabbed a drink and set off to explore.


A silver tunnel connected the first room to the second, where the glamorous Jodie Harsh was behind the decks. Green and red lights lit up the large space while a mix of disco, house and funk pumped through the venue’s state-of-the-art sound system, and plenty of Gymboxers showed off their moves on the dance floor.

One group were dressed all in black and had taken over a stage at the back of the room. It was only as they got into formation that I realised it was a flash mob, made up of some of Gymbox’s own members and led by School of Dance instructor Sharol. The group brought a whole load of sass to the room with their commercial routine and definitely impressed, inspiring everyone to let go of their inhibitions as Jodie Harsh resumed her place at the decks.

As well as the flash mob, there were some amazing lone dancers on the floor, including one particularly memorable guy who had absolutely nailed the robot. Green, lycra-clad dancers also made their way through the crowd waving large fans, giving the impression you really had just walked onto another planet. This was helped by silver balloons, inflatable aliens and geometric green strobe lights fixed to the back wall. That cold and rainy London night I’d left outside suddenly seemed lightyears away.

After exhausting ourselves dancing, we headed back to the first room. There, reggaeton blasted from the speakers and Meltout Crew were hyping up a rowdy crowd. It was noticeably steamier here than the backroom, and there was even a Step Up style dance-off happening by the DJ booth (though sadly, no Channing Tatum in sight.)


We danced through the tightly packed crowd, passing a booth of face painters doing galactic art on those members keen to go the extra mile. Back in the disco room, we soon made friends with a drag queen and a guy who looked about as spaced out as the venue.

It wasn’t long before we were singing along to hits and twirling each other around on the dance floor, narrowly avoiding a collision with some lycra-clad aliens. The vodka had convinced us all we were flash mob standard, but in reality, there clearly was a long way to go.


At around 2am, I decided that my feet couldn’t take it any longer. The music had been consistently good all night, and I had well and truly danced my heart out. With a wave goodbye to our new friends, we finished our drinks and left Five Miles to brave the night tube.

Without a doubt, ‘Lost in Space’ had been the perfect break from the usual Christmas parties, and I was truly sad to come back down to planet Earth.

You can follow Kat on Instagram, and make sure you check out the official video here.

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