Instructor Spotlight: Meet Stevie Christian

10th March

With our clubs on course for reopening next month, we’re buzzing to train together again. And if you need a little help to start feeling pumped? Well, with her love for lifting heavy and working hard, Stevie Christian’s got you covered. As a Gymbox veteran and advocate of strong women, she’s all about inspiring everyone to find their love for fitness. So, whether you’re ready to hit the floor or keep sweating at home, she’s a pretty good person to help you find your groove – as blogger Kat found out…

As a Senior Instructor, you're a long-time member of the Gymbox family! When did you first start working at Gymbox and how did that come about?

I first started working for Gymbox in September 2016 but joined the gym as a member in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the vibe and community. When I decided to leave my job in film to pursue a career in fitness, it was always with the intention of working at Gymbox.

How did you get into fitness and what made you decide to turn it into a career?

I fell in love with training at a gym just after I graduated university. I found growing stronger very intoxicating and was hooked on the feeling pretty instantly.

I decided to turn it into a career as I found myself getting bored of having a static desk job and didn’t like the prospect of having a long road of climbing the corporate ladder. I wanted to work for myself, help others and do something that would bring me joy.

You’ve been teaching classes for Out the Box during lockdown. How have you found teaching remotely and what do you miss the most about teaching classes in person?

Teaching remotely has been a big learning curve as I am having to programme bodyweight-only classes which I have never done before. I’ve also had to find ways to make classes interesting and engaging without the usual glitz and glamour of a studio sound system and lights.

It’s also a big change interacting with members through a chat box rather than in person. It’s the element I most struggle with, as it’s connecting with the members that makes the job so enjoyable!

You are a self-declared advocate of strong women. What do you think holds some women back from strength training and what would you say to these women?

I think a lot of women still believe that if they lift heavy weights they will become ‘masculine’ or ‘bulky,’ which is far from the truth. We don’t have the same levels of testosterone as men so we will never pack on muscle in the same way they do. It takes years of hard work and very specific training and eating protocols for women to look muscular, so they shouldn’t worry!

The lockdown roadmap has just been released, how do you feel about (hopefully) being back in the gym come April?!

I’m thrilled to be potentially heading back to the gym in April, but also a bit nervous as it’ll be strange re-entering the working world after 4 months off. However, I think anxiety around moving back into our old lives is normal.

What are you most looking forward to doing when restrictions have been completely lifted?

I can’t wait to rediscover London’s nightlife and music scene! I miss live music a lot.

When we're able to get back in the gyms again, what classes will you be teaching?

I’m most excited about teaching Gain Train at Holborn on a Tuesday night as I’ve had the same class and members for 3 years, we’re like a little family! I’m also looking forward to teaching AMrap Friday mornings at Old St. as they are a very hard-working bunch who love whatever workout I throw at them!

Get to know Stevie better and find our blogger Kat on Instagram here.

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