Instructor spotlight: Meet Charmaine Evans

17th February

With our homes also becoming busy offices, schools, social hotspots, safety bunkers and gyms (obvs), it’s been more important than ever to save at least a corner for a little calm. Thankfully, Charmaine Evans is on hand to help. As one of our Holistic instructors, her Out The Box yoga classes have been a welcome addition to every kind of household. Not only is her new on-demand timetable as flexible as she is, she’s got something for every level of yogi too…

How did you get into yoga and when did you realise it was your true calling?

I've been practicing yoga since I was an early teen. My mum actually got me a yoga DVD as a Christmas stocking filler one year - little did she know it would get me hooked! In the early days I was in and out of practicing – especially when I went away to uni. But it's always been there. I started practicing much more regularly in my early 20s and thought “I’m always going to do this.”

Working in TV production as well, I find yoga really balances out that busy, fast paced environment. I loved the idea of being able to help other busy workers, students, parents and gym lovers also find that balance. Becoming a yoga teacher was a very natural progression.

When brought you to the Gymbox fam?

I started teaching at Gymbox around 3 or 4 years ago! I’ve got so much respect for yoga studios, but I’m also someone who’s always loved to workout so I feel very at home in gyms. I walked by Gymbox one day, heard the buzz of the music and instantly thought “yup, that’s for me!”

I got in touch with the former Master Trainer, went for a teaching audition and left feeling on cloud 9. I’ve worked at various branches ever since, from Victoria and Bank to Elephant & Castle and now Ealing.

How was your lockdown experience and how did you fill all that freed up time?

I thought lockdown was only going to be for three weeks! I’m not someone who can sit around for long (unless I’m meditating), so as well as teaching, I threw myself into learning everything I could. I took courses studying more in-depth yoga theory and practical. I also took on a business course where I met some really interesting people, and adopted some smaller side courses to compliment it.

I love to draw and paint, so I dusted off my easel and enrolled in an Adobe Illustrator course...although let’s call that one a work in progress! I’m definitely not someone to do things by halves.

What classes have you been teaching on Out the Box and how would you describe them to a newbie?

I’ve been teaching Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes for Out of the Box. I love both styles as they offer something slightly different to different people. Those who enjoy moving around often gravitate towards Vinyasa Flow. It’s all about moving through closely linked sequences, flowing from downward dog through to warriors and balances before hitting the mat.

If you’re deciding between the two, but are fairly new to yoga or a recent returner, some people enjoy starting out with Hatha. Although it’s similar to Vinyasa Flow in terms of some of the asanas, it can be slightly slower in terms of pace.

How have you found the experience of teaching classes online and what have you liked about it?

My Out the Box classes have been some of my favourite classes to teach. When I’m not able to teach in person and be around people in a class environment, I miss it massively. To still be able to teach and know that people are able to go to classes in their own time for the R&R they need is amazing.

With things being so unpredictable this year, it’s great to know there are resources online to help people get moving when they need them the most. I make use of online classes myself for that very reason!

What classes will you be teaching at Gymbox when it reopens?

When Gymbox reopens, you’ll be able to find me teaching Rolling With My Yogis every Sunday morning from 10.30am.

You can find Charmaine on Instagram and try her classes on Out The Box right now with a 14 day free trial.

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