Instructor spotlight: Meet Abdul Yassine

11th January

It’s just as well we love our Gymbox instructors for the sweaty torture they put us through, or Abdul Yassine would be in big trouble. The burpee-loving combat coach/local legend is notorious for giving members’ bodies a right good battering with his full-body Fight category sessions – and with skills in boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing, you know your workout’s in a safe(ish) pair of hands. You can try his classes online over on Out The Box right now – but before you hit them up, let’s meet the man himself…

How did you get into fitness and what made you decide to become an instructor?

I got into training when I was a kid and got rejected by a girl in school. She gave me a long list of reasons why, and on that list was ‘fat’!

I used to compete in a variety of combat sports and my old coach used to send people to me that needed help with moving. He found out I was good at helping them so he started getting me to cover classes, and then I began teaching myself.

When did you start teaching at Gymbox and how did that come about?

I’ve been coaching at Gymbox for over 5 years now! It started when Mr Silver Fox (Phil Tieu) approached me saying my personality and energy were perfect for Gymbox.

How did you find lockdown and what did you do with your time?

The beginning of lockdown was a bit up and down for me. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a people person with lots of energy. I found myself looking out of the window thinking “yeah, you’ve already run three times today… but four won’t kill you.” (while holding a pack of cookies, obviously.)

A lot of people began asking me to start online classes on my Instagram page, so I did that and began teaching classes like Killer Combat. The rest is history!

What classes have you been teaching on Out the Box, and what do you hope people can gain from taking them at home?

I teach Killer Combat on Out the Box. This class is a mix of combat sports and hardcore conditioning.

I want people to get three things out of this class. Firstly, I want those who have always wanted to try combat sports but have been too shy to try it to have a go at home and fall in love with the sport. Secondly, I want to give people something to do except running five times a day. And thirdly, I want people to see this beautiful face and crazy personality!

In what ways are your Out the Box classes different from what you would usually teach in person?

There’s not much difference between my Out the Box classes and the classes I teach at Gymbox, as I will still be pushing you out of your comfort zone. Yes, there will still be burpees, but at least you’ll get away with skipping some out!

What classes will you be teaching at Gymbox when it reopens?

When we’re back at Gymbox you’ll find me teaching a variety of classes: Gymboxing, Counterpunch, Killer Combat, Muay Thai and Counterkick.

Words by Kat. Find her on Instagram or Twitter.

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