Class Review: Lymphomania

11th March

The spotlight on lymphatic drainage has increased over the years as celebrities preach its myriad benefits. The practice, centered around massaging the body to stimulate lymphatic flow, has gained recognition for its ability to enhance immunity, improve circulation, and induce relaxation.

Enter Gymbox's latest offering: Lymphomania, a class designed to empower participants with the skills of self-administered lymphatic drainage massage, eliminating the need for a pricey masseuse visit and allowing individuals to reap the rewards in the comfort of their homes. Launched on Valentine’s Day, Lymphomania also emphasises the importance of taking charge of your own relaxation, something I’m all for.

Needless to say, I was excited to try out the class and strengthen my self-care arsenal even further.

Having arrived at expert Carli Wheatley’s Bank class, I found myself a yoga mat in the dimly lit studio and picked out a soothing massage oil from Nourish London ready for the practice. For once, it was nice to think I’d be leaving the gym smelling nicer than when I arrived.

Carli began the class by leading us through a stretch before introducing us to the key areas we would be targeting in our massage practice. These included our neck, armpits, and the back of our knees.

We began by gently touching the skin in each section before gradually applying firmer pressure, much like in a sports massage. Having targeted the key areas, we moved around the whole body, tapping along our arms, legs, stomach and hips.

Next was the oil section of the class. For this, we got comfortable on a bolster and massaged our collarbones, neck, jaw, face and head. Using the oil, we made circular motions on our skin, finishing off each section by tapping and pressing down our skin in the direction of drainage.

As Carli walked us through these sections, she explained how the lymphatic drainage system in our body works. The biology lesson alone is enough reason to attend this class; I left feeling like I have a much better understanding of how my own body actually works, including what it does when I’m sick or have an injury.

As the session drew to a close, Carli emphasized the importance of integrating these techniques into our daily routines, whether as a morning ritual or in preparation for a workout. It’s definitely something I’ll be trying - I left the class feeling the most relaxed I’d been in ages. Carli told me this was one of the key benefits, as carrying out a self-massage brings your awareness back to yourself and the present moment, naturally decreasing your stress levels.

I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone wanting to try out the lymphatic drainage practice, especially those who struggle with anxiety. It’s given me the tools to restore some much-needed calm into my life, as well as a greater understanding of how my body works. Don't miss the chance to take this class while it’s still on the timetable.

You can follow Carli on Instagram and Kat here

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