Class Review: Euphoria

30th October

Just when you thought our cycle studios couldn’t party any harder, a new creative class comes along to turn that all on its head. Euphoria is putting a whole new spin on the rave revolution, bringing all the energy from London’s biggest nightclubs to the capital’s favourite gym. But what does it really feel like to chase down that high? We sent our blogger Lucy to go find out…

So, it looks like our already limited social options have plunged into the depths of tragic. This year’s emotional rollercoaster has seen the average Londoner’s nightlife go from tearing up the town, to solitarily crying in your dressing gown, via confusion, despair and – if it’s got really bad – Echo Falls. However 2020’s treated you, there’s probably not been too many giddying highs to speak of. But thanks to Euphoria, that could all be about to change.

While we may not be getting to nightclubs any time soon, this resurrected classic from Gymbox’s spin studio promises to give at least an Apple Sourz-sized taste of the good old days. Turning up for Jenny Lawford’s Saturday class in Elephant & Castle I can see why.

There’s the dimmed room. The flashing lights. The pumping sound system. A room full of sweaty strangers all set to spend their weekend staring into a mirror. The only difference was it was 9am – but with Boris’ curfews, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, right?

In true ‘Anything Goes’ style, Euphoria’s high-intensity session varies depending on which instructor you rave with. Each one of them has free reign to bring their own idea of a perfect soundtrack into the mix, so expect the vibe to range from Glitterbox to Bergain via classics so crowd pleasing you can almost taste the hangover. To any of the Jenny Lawford faithful, it will come as no surprise that her idea of Euphoria features a blend of sprint-friendly DnB, tech-house as heavy as the hill climbs… and of course, that bloody bongo song. (The speed of that bounce was such that I swear I felt my spleen come loose.)

Yes, you may have gathered by now that while this is a class that’s fully designed to get your endorphins pumping just as hard as that playlist, this ain’t no Bacardi Breezer. In fact, if it really was a night out, it would be one where you find yourself surrounded by people who scream things like “GO HARD OR GO HOME” in your ear before eyeballing a shot of something or other. As a workout, this is serious stuff – but as always, instructors like Jenny just somehow manage to hit that sweet spot of bringing you up, having fun and keeping you fully motivated before smashing your glutes with another agonising stint in the red zone.

Whether you’re a regular at Bike & Beats and Power Battle or have never set sights on the saddle, you’re in for a treat. Euphoria is a class that turns up the volume with an intense ride that barely gives you a moment to sit down. (All the markings of a good night out if you ask me.)

Catch Euphoria on the timetables at Elephant & Castle, Farringdon, Holborn and Old Street now. You can follow Lucy on Instagram.

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