Class Review: Composed

20th June

Forget the usual yoga soundtrack, Gymbox's new Composed class is a unique fusion of yoga poses and classical music, with different branches hosting live performances every week. As a yoga devotee, this was quite literally music to my ears!

Stepping into the dimly lit studio at Bank Gymbox on Wednesday, I was warmly greeted by Pablo Hernandez Urzola. While we wouldn’t be getting a live musical performance this week, we would be listening to a specially curated playlist. Pablo described the inspiration behind this playlist, which is made up of both classical favorites and classical renditions of pop hits. He explained that this class is designed to help you focus on the music and synchronise your breathing with it as you move through your flow.

Listening to Pablo’s calming voice had already guided me into a mindful state and I was looking forward to getting moving.

We began the class by centering ourselves with a few deep breaths, followed by some gentle stretches to warm up the body before flowing into our first Vinyasa. A classical rendition of Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” played softly in the background as Pablo took us through some low lunges and Warrior poses.

I’m used to taking yoga classics with simple, atmospheric music as the soundtrack, which I know can help with stress and mindfulness. But listening to classical music was a very welcome change. It was easier for me to focus on because it was music I recognised and actively enjoyed, and the more complex string sections provided a focus-boosting counterpoint for the harder moves.

Speaking of harder moves, Pablo loves a good balance pose. Throughout the class we were challenged with an Eagle Pose, as well as some other wobbly one-legged positions which led to some of us falling over - with varying degrees of gracefulness. We also worked on binding a couple of twist positions and Lizard Pose variations.

Despite the fact there were some tricky moves in there, this was definitely one of the best yoga classes I’ve been to as it was straightforward and easy to follow along with. Pablo is a really great teacher: he speaks clearly and slowly and will offer gentle corrections if he sees you’re slightly off-base. He also had modifications for those with greater experience to increase their difficulty level.

After we had worked through our balance positions and twists, we went through our final Vinyasa before going once again through some stretches and finishing up in Savasana.

This class had really challenged me and my core strength but was also really enjoyable. The atmosphere was relaxed and the classical music really did seem to lift everyone’s spirits. If it were up to me, I would be using this music in every yoga class.

For a truly unique yoga experience that elevates your practice with the power of classical music, Composed is a must-try. You might just find yourself leaving with your body and mind in perfect harmony.

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