Yoga For Lifting

Whatever impact your training’s had on your body, Yoga For Lifting makes the most of your motion by getting you stronger, stretchier and upping your range of movement. Whether it's for squats, cleans or overhead presses we'll get you hitting high and sinking low. One rep max PB here you come.

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Gemma - Master Trainer

Gemma has worked as a professional dancer for over 10 years and found that yoga helped her to find calmness and stillness, allowing her to re-balance and find space not only in the physical body but also in the mind. She now wants to share her experiences and newly found sensation of freedom with others, helping others to develop mindfulness and awareness of the body, mind and spirit, and to find strength and overcome personal barriers.


Creator of Yoga for Lifting & Active Beast. Ex rugby player, now scratching that itch by competing in yoga and Crossfit. I love anything that challenges you and involves the body moving. Currently trying to break the stereotype that yoga isn’t for big dudes. Unless you’re too scared to try ;)


Ben teaches modern, efficient, anatomical and science based yoga. He focuses on building strength, often with hand balancing - but with progressions so that every class is suitable for beginners.

Hannah J

Hannah was forced to give up her life as a professional dancer in 2012 due to a back injury. This led her to discover her passion for yoga, and having retrained as an instructor in 2014, Hannah now focuses on developing her clients strength and flexibility.

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