Tyre flipping. Log pressing. Sled dragging. If there’s heavy sh*t you’ve ever wanted to lift, push or fling, we’re about to make all your dreams come true. Bringing together many of the disciplines used in competitive Strongman, this is cardio with a heavy twist. Grunting optional.

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Aaron C

Aaron believes that everyone is an athlete, so everyone should perform and be coached like one. His passion for coaching with education and enthusiasm helps give his private clients and our members the results they want. Olympic lifting, gymnastics, engine work and flexibility are all skills of his own training that he implements though his classes.


A lover of lifting heavy things and dancing to her hearts content, Daisy is a PT and studio instructor who’s specialities include kettlebells, strength training and holistic flexibility. Her classes are based on teamwork and guaranteed to help you reach your fitness potential. 

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