Power Battle

Velodrome villains, sweat fetishists and speed demons unite: this is the showdown you’ve been waiting for. Connect your bikes in a technical ride that pits your power against fellow cycle sadists and gets you battling a brutal goal - all before going at it as a group in a full-on Tour de FTP. This is where you push for your most powerful performance... then dig deep for that 10% more.

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Jenny - Master Trainer

With a background in music, Jenny fell in love with the Cycle Club category after realising the impact a banging playlist could have on a class! From Bike & Beats to Connect, she always brings a smile and her goofy sense of humour to the studio and promises that you’ll never leave her class feeling anything less than a champion, rockstar or diva.


Raquel is a PT and studio instructor who specialises in pole, aerial, indoor cycling and circuit training. Raquel’s passion for fitness is contagious, and nothing makes her smile more than seeing the smiles and satisfaction of her clients after a workout.


A studio cycling instructor with a neverending supply of enthusiasm, Abigail’s classes are guaranteed to get you as addicted to life in the saddle as she is. With multiple qualifications under her belt, Abi will take you from part time Boris-biker to spinning pro.


Jason has over 20 years experience in the dance and fitness industry as an international fitness presenter, master trainer and choreographer. With specialities including pilates, spinning and dance, Jason’s classes celebrate having fun whilst pushing you to your limits.

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