Gymbox is no longer just a leading London gym. With the demand for online workouts to do at home reaching an all-time high, its new Out The Box digital workout platform is changing the game for on-demand classes too.

You may know Gymbox for its nightclub-inspired London locations, pumping playlists and all-round party vibes. Well, now you can get the very best of Gymbox, on your box – as Out The Box gives you access to a catalogue of the most heart-racing, sweat-inducing, and totally unique online classes streamed to your TV, laptop, phone … or wherever you want to train.

If you’ve been looking for workouts to do at home, you’ve hit the jackpot here. Gymbox has been leading the way when it comes to creative classes since day one, and Out The Box gives you the same experience with London’s best instructors, at the touch of a button.

If you want workout videos to get your heart rate up and some high intensity fun, take a look at Out the Box. We have strength training, dance cardio, hiit workouts, yoga classes, fitness classes which you can smash in your living room.

Founded in 2003 in a worn-out West End car park, Gymbox has been a challenger of the status quo since day one. Setting out with a vision to disrupt the fitness industry, create unique training experiences and launch the most unique timetable the capital had ever seen, it’s a club known to be anything but your average kind of gym. It was among the first to introduce full-size boxing rings, nightly resident DJs, and led the way when it comes to kit. To say Gymbox is EXTREMELY well equipped is a bit of an understatement. With state-of-the-art cardio equipment, stunning studio spaces, whopping free weights areas and super-clean changing rooms, members can’t get enough of the place. Thankfully, they don’t have to now – as they can now have Gymbox access online, and around the clock.

Out The Box is the latest addition to the Gymbox experience which means you can get your sweat on wherever you are. With countless classes across five different categories, this online streaming platform gives you more choice than ever when it comes to working out. Just like the main clubs give you the feeling that ‘Anything Goes’, Gymbox’s online workout sessions give you the opportunity to try out all kinds of sessions in the comfort of your own home. So if you were too embarrassed to try Barre, lack confidence with your kettlebell technique, or just prefer to pump away in private, your next fitness hit is just one click away.

We’ve been working hard on creating a platform that gives you a buzz just by logging in – with easy-to-navigate categories that makes finding your next class an absolute breeze. For a small monthly subscription fee of £10 a month, you can hang out with your favourite Gymbox instructors whenever and wherever you want – with more content dropping hot each and every week. The world may be feeling a little uncertain right now – but one thing’s for sure. With these online workouts bringing our sweatiest sessions to your own home, we’ve got your back when it comes to keeping up training. Because at Gymbox, we’re always raising the bar.


All of Gymbox’s online class content can be found on our exclusive digital platform, Out The Box. As a subscription service, you simply sign up to create your account, for a small fee of just £10 a month. Once you’re logged in? Well, there’s no stopping you now! With five categories of pure pumping vibes and fun, you can lose yourself in countless classes all designed to keep your body and mind in fighting form.

Because we know how much our members like keeping their workout routines fresh (even when they’re getting sweaty AF) we’re busy shooting and uploading new online content each and every week. Make sure you’re following our Insta @gymboxofficial for the latest! We’re sure you’re going to love every single workout on there – even if your screaming muscles say otherwise. That’s why we’ve added a handy little ‘favourite’ function in there too, meaning you can head straight for your top training sessions, quick as you like.

Just like our clubs, Out The Box is full-on fun and ‘Anything Goes’ attitude – which means we’ve got something for everyone on there. You might like digging deep and gritting your teeth. Or you may prefer sweating with a smile on your face. Whatever your vibe, we’ve got all kinds of instructors to make sure your online class gives you the workout you want.


We’re raising the bar in stay at home workouts. Out The Box is your new online platform where we have redefined the best home workouts with the best of our creative classes coming direct to you from Gymbox, wherever you’re training right now.

Just like in club, we’ve got online workout classes ranging from holistic to sadistic, with 45- and 30-minute sessions across five different categories. With new content being uploaded each week, featured online workouts are spotlighted on the homepage for anyone looking to try something new.

By signing up, you get full access to the lot – the biggest issue is deciding where to start:


Nail your technique and you’ll get some proper sexy results. Focusing on strength, stability, power, mobility and flexibility, build your expertise and ability across the board.

Online workout classes include: Badass, Bodyweight Bandits, Functional Bodybuilding, Gymnastic Conditioning, Reppin’, Swingers Club, Thunder, WOD Squad


HIIT. Circuit. Pure, puddle-inducing cardio. These classes are designed to get you sweating more than you ever thought possible as you chase that cheeky endorphin high.

Online workout classes include: Drill Sergeant, Escalate, Metcon, Sweat to the Beat, Swingers, Whiplash


Smash the techniques of combat styles from around the world. With top trainers and boxing coaches bossing it in your corner, there’s no title out of reach.

Online workout classes include: Killer Combat, Ultimate Fit


Connect with your body and realign your mind in our holistic series: the classes that work on imbalances and fixes your focus for whatever life (or Gymbox) throws at you.

Online workout classes include: Active Beast, Ashtanga Yoga, Contortion, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Rehab, Rollin’ With My Yogis, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga


Whether you’re throwing shapes on the regular or want to ditch your dancefloor dread, these classes combine high-energy choreography, toning and tips to nail a range of styles.

Online workout classes include: Callback, No Holds Barre, Shway, Tribal Queens


As anyone who has ever been to a Gymbox knows, our classes may be great… but it’s our instructors that make them that way. Everyone who works for us knows how to get the very performance out of anyone (yes, even through a screen) whether that’s with a bit of butt-kicking or the kind of charisma you just can’t let down. Whatever kind of online workout you’re into, we’ve got the right person to get you well into your workout. When you’ve found the ones that float your fitness boat, don’t forget to go show them some love on the ‘gram.


It really couldn’t be easier to access the dozens of online workouts on Out The Box. Simply head to the website and create your account – it only takes a few clicks and a couple of details. Once you’re all set up, you’ve got all the digital classes you could ever want, ready to try at home.

If you’re new to online workouts and want to see if they’re your thing, we offer a free trial before you decide to commit. Once you’ve decided (and we’re sure you’ll want to stick around) you have the option to create a monthly subscription for £10 a month, or an annual subscription for £80. If you decide to pay as you go, you’ve got the option to cancel at any time – meaning there really is no reason to try!

So what are you waiting for? Get over to Out The Box and check out the best online workouts from London’s best gym. We’ve got all the goods to get you pumping hard at home, whenever and wherever you want it…

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