Gymbox is London’s (in)famous challenger of the fitness scene. Born from the rubble of a busted old West End carpark, we became a leader in creating the kind of unique gym atmosphere that can’t help but keep you pumped. And guess what? We soon blew every other gym chain out of the water. With our nightclub interiors, banging nightly DJs and incredible vibe, we’ve turned working out into an experience that’s more like going out. And with the biggest timetable of creative classes you’ll see anywhere in the capital, we’re finding more ways to get you hot and sweaty than ever before.

Of course, it’s no good if you’ve got all the gear and no idea. But thankfully, our army of Gymbox-certified Personal Trainers can help with that. We understand that there’s loads of reasons why you might want to rope a PT in on your fitness journey. Maybe you’re new to our clubs and need a few pointers – or perhaps you need some fine tuning to turn up the heat on your training routine. Whether it’s cracking the basics or finding your best form, the expertise and support of our coaches can get you smashing out PBs before you know it.

It doesn’t have to stop after your time with your Personal Trainer, of course. At Gymbox, we make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep pushing yourself to get stronger, fitter, stretchier… whatever it is you’re after. It’s anything goes at Gymbox… so whatever your style, taste or disposition, why not give one of our aerial, cardio, conditioning, combat, cycle, dance or functional classes a crack? We provide first-class, creative (and sometimes, slightly crazy) training experiences led by expert instructors from every field. If you’ve ever had the urge to scratch a fitness itch, you’ve found just the place to do it.

We also pride ourselves in sourcing the very best kit for our clubs – so whichever one of our 11 locations you find yourself in, you’ll be able to get your sweaty mitts on Eleiko weights, Technogym cardio equipment, Probox combat kit, the sleekest spin studios, whopping free weights areas and the freshest dance crews in the capital. You see, at Gymbox, we don’t just talk the talk. We lunge, lift, sway, spin, spar, squat, run and walk the walk too.


Whether you need help giving gymtimidation the boot or expert programming to smash through those PBs, Gymbox PTs guarantee to give your workouts that extra push it needs. With a commitment to giving you access to all the expertise and support you need to get to work on whatever goal you turn up with, we set up our own programme to give each and every one of our personal trainers the Gymbox seal of approval.

Why work with a coach?

Everyone who walks into Gymbox brings with them their own relationship with fitness, as well as their own targets and goals. Now it’s up to us to help you get to where you want to be. The Gymbox Academy works with some of the best coaches in London – each one bringing their unique personalities, specialist insight and expertise in club upon finishing training. Armed with the sharpest skills and latest techniques, choosing a Gymbox Personal Trainer means that whatever you’re shooting for, you’ll be in the safest (and strongest) hands around.

Teaming up with your PT, you can expect tailored assessments and programmes to guide you. Access to more knowledge than Google and Stephen Fry combined. And plenty of professional expertise in weight management, strength training, rehabilitation, body composition, combat sports, movement health and functional training.

Whether you’re following their tailored or online training plan, your coach will make sure you’re performing all exercises correctly and keep pushing yourself. After all, if you want dem gains, you need to be held accountable – and that takes constant feedback, motivation and support.

Get involved

Working with a Gymbox Coach is the best investment you can make in both your health and achieving your goals. So whatever that improvement looks like to you, it all starts by speaking to us in club. We’ll put you in touch with the right people, and together, we’ll start punching that fitness journey up a few gears. We hope you’re ready to sweat…


Gymbox is as London as having fish n’ chips with a Pearly Queen – which is why our clubs can be found the length and breadth of the city. At the moment we’ve got 11 clubs and with plenty more on the way, helping the capital’s fitness addicts and sweat fetishists find whatever thing gets them going.

The best part is with each site having its own sense of character as well as all your favourite Gymbox workouts and vibes, having a linked membership to all clubs gives you so much more to explore. From epic studios, specialist training zones, functional frame, running track, cardio spaces and London’s biggest free weights areas – each one of them offers a few thousand square feet to smash out a few reps, hit a new PB or get on your bike. There’s defo no boredom round these parts.


So you’re ready to get cracking with your Gymbox Personal Trainer? That’s what we like to hear. Our PTs are based all across London, so the first thing to do? Decide where you want to train! Come and speak to us in your local Gymbox club for the full lowdown on how you can begin your Personal Training programme.

They’ll be able to hook you up with all the right contacts, get you on track and help you start smashing out the best results of your life.

Book a tour today and we'll hook you up with a PT at your local gym.

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