You may know Gymbox as that cheeky gym chain and infamous rabble rouser of London’s fitness scene. But what can you really expect when you walk through those glowing yellow doors? First off, a nightclub vibe, resident DJs, banging atmosphere and a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. But with the biggest timetable of creative classes in the capital, the best thing is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a cardio lover, lifter or a yogi… we’re constantly finding more ways to keep every workout proper pumped.

When you want to give your body a head-to-toe blitz, sometimes you’ve just got to HIIT the studio. We’ve got intense fat-burner sessions in all shapes and sizes to suit whatever training you’ve got on the go. Not to mention a troupe of sweat-summoning instructors with the expertise and passion for giving you the hardest workouts of your life. HIIT at Gymbox is more than just grinding out each interval. We want to make sure you battle through like a total champ, so you can earn that cheeky little endorphin high waiting on the other side. Whether you’re new to group exercise of you’ve been HIITing them hard for a while, you won’t have experienced sessions anything like ours before.


At Gymbox we’ve got HIIT classes to get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing – and while you might not thank us for these gruelling workouts at the time, you’ll certainly will later.

But what can you really expect when you come to our HIIT classes? Here’s just a few of the classes from our Sweat Drench series to get you going… but be sure to check out our full class timetable for more:


Looking for a bodyweight HIIT and weighted conditioning in a single workout? You absolute animal. Thankfully, we are too – and this class is just the thing. Taking a full body approach, target every major muscle and build up your cardio endurance with a workout designed to go full beast.


Functional, HIIT, circuits and track sprints? Ouch. If you’re looking for a class that’ll leave you knackered, aching and hilariously sweaty, you’ve hit the jackpot. Move from station to station as the intensity kicks up a gear each round. You'll wonder how things escalated so quickly.


We call it that because it leaves you for dead. The evil brainchild of Gymbox sadists and endurance experts, this is the hardest and most dangerous gym class in the world; progressively pushing you through every test of strength and stamina until you drop. Is that your instructor calling you over the finish line, or God? Who knows…


Short, quick and hotter than hell – there’s no messing about with MetCon. In just thirty minutes of solid HIIT, you’ll test your lung capacity and conquer your cardio quota like the endorphin-crazed machine you are. The no-nonsense way to walk in and crawl out.


If you thought that any class with ‘ultimate’ in the name is going to give you a workout so tough that your eyeballs sweat, you’d be 100% correct. Fast-paced, high-intensity and MMA inspired, these are conditioning fitness drills for combat fans who like to kick their own arse before their opponent’s.


Swap your same-old cardio routine for a group session that'll really test your stamina. Working you hard from top to toe, this kettlebell swing circuit builds power and shreds fat while the energy in the studio reaches boiling point. Hold tight because things are about to get seriously steamy.


Gymbox is as London as having fish n’ chips with a Pearly Queen – which is why our clubs can be found the length and breadth of the city. At the moment we’ve got 11 clubs and with plenty more on the way, helping the capital’s fitness addicts and sweat fetishists find whatever thing gets them going.

We know what it’s like trying to work your workouts into your day. That’s why our linked membership allows you to smash out a sesh in any one of our locations – whether that’s a calming stretch before brekkie or a sweaty HIIT class after work. While each one has its own character and vibe, it doesn’t matter which one of the epic 11 you turn up to for training. Every Gymbox still has those sexy studios, specialist training areas, huge free weights facilities and cracking classes to keep you on that health-kick hype.


After exploring our classes and meeting some of our instructors we bet you can’t wait to HIIT the studio. So how do you smash through the best HIIT classes in London? Dead simple. Step one: if you’re not already part of the Gymbox massive, get involved. Then, once you’re a fully-fledged member of the family, you’ll have our epic clubs, brilliant beats, sweaty workouts AND hardcore HIIT seshes all at your disposal.

Booking into any one of our Sweat Drench HIIT classes couldn’t be easier. Simply download the Gymbox app to your phone (or log in online) to see what’s on when before following the on-screen instructions to secure your place. Every session is popular and our studios can get very busy – but don’t worry. Our handy waiting list autobooking system will make sure you’ve got the best chance to get into all your favourite classes. For the full lowdown on booking classes, check out the studio tile on the app. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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