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Pulling, pushing, climbing, lifting. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Well, looks can be deceiving, pal. Being a Gymbox workout, you’ll mix up those four functional movements to give your body a good hiding; testing your strength, building your skills as well as an intense sweat. It’s fitness at its finest if you dig the rig.

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Growing up Elle loved playing almost every sport she could find and started coaching basketball at age 14. For her it’s always been about performance and health so now she specialises in functional training, gymnastics, power and Olympic lifting. Visit Elle to learn some new skills, get fit and have fun! 


Whilst studying Zoology at university, Bianca admits she missed more than one lecture to fit in a gym session. Having discovered her passion for fitness, she went on to become a qualified studio instructor and PT, and now loves every minute teaching at Gymbox.


Having worked as a speech therapist for 10 years, Giselle decided to follow her passion for fitness and become a PT and fitness instructor. Giselle specialises in HIIT and functional training, and loves nothing more than to push people above and beyond their limits.


A professional actor trained in New York, when Ryan’s not on stage he’s teaching TRX, Row30 and Frame Fitness at Gymbox. Having returned to the UK a few years ago, Ryan loves his job at Gymbox and admits that London definitely has his heart now.

Stevie C

Through a combination of tough-love and motivation, Stevie will push you to your limits with high-energy metabolic conditioning workouts that will leave you in a pool of sweat and a big smile on your face. 


Andy is a self-professed fitness addict who’s always after the next endorphin hit. Training with Andy will push you to be the best version of yourself and make sure you’ve got a smile on your face when you get there.

Aaron C

Aaron believes that everyone is an athlete, so everyone should perform and be coached like one. His passion for coaching with education and enthusiasm helps give his private clients and our members the results they want. Olympic lifting, gymnastics, engine work and flexibility are all skills of his own training that he implements though his classes.


A PT and instructor with a degreee in Sports Therapy, and a background in professional powerlifting, Luther teaches Frame Fitness and Drill Sergeant at Gymbox. His focus on technique and lifting heavy will help you improve both your mental and physical strength.

Firas - Master Trainer

Firas found his passion for American Football 15 years ago, and has since won numerous championships as both a player and coach. Firas brings his enthusiasim and camaraderie to all his classes, and will undoubtedly bring out the inner athlete in you.

Sam L

Sam specialises in TRX, and Kettlebells, and brings this diverse knowledge to his classes at Gymbox. He is inspired by the energy of his members when they’re pushing themselves to the limit, and loves helping people reach their goals.


A PT and instructor with an extensive background in the fitness industry, Jamie’s  classes range from Gains to Escalate, and are based around personal development in a motivational team environment. His love for fitness is second only to his love of the Gymbox team.


A lover of lifting heavy things and dancing to her hearts content, Daisy is a PT and studio instructor who’s specialities include kettlebells, strength training and holistic flexibility. Her classes are based on teamwork and guaranteed to help you reach your fitness potential. 


Alex spent 18 months in the New Zealand Rugby Academy where he was an S&C coach and that is what inspired him to start teaching classes. He studied an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition and has since qualified as a Level 1 Crossfit Coach and Crossfit Gymnastic Coach. His style of training is based on getting people fitter, faster and stronger using either weights or just body weight.

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