Long stretches of cardio a sentence you’d rather avoid? In thirty short minutes, get a full-body workout that smashes through interval training, builds your strength and makes you sweat like your life depends on it. Whether you’re a newbie or an old-timer, you’ll find retribution here.

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Mark has been in the fitness industry since 2010, and specialises in bodyweight calisthenics, gymnastics and HIIT. He believes that the first step to any transformation is being aware of the choices you make, and how they effect yourself and others.


 Rowing is where it all began for Katherine as a member of Lea Rowing Club where she currently runs and teaches their Row to Fitness programme. She moved away from training with crews on the water and into Strength and Conditioning and now uses land based rowing as way of re-enforcing core strength gained from moving and lifting all things heavy, and for getting on a great sweat.


A professional actor trained in New York, when Ryan’s not on stage he’s teaching TRX, Row30 and Frame Fitness at Gymbox. Having returned to the UK a few years ago, Ryan loves his job at Gymbox and admits that London definitely has his heart now.

Stevie C

Through a combination of tough-love and motivation, Stevie will push you to your limits with high-energy metabolic conditioning workouts that will leave you in a pool of sweat and a big smile on your face. 

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