Your New-Look Class Timetable

26th September

We may like getting our members hot and sweaty, but we like to keep our workouts fresh. That’s why you may spot a few tiny tweaks to the names of classes on your timetables in the next week or so.

Whether you’ve only recently joined the Gymbox squad or been around the track a few times, you’re bound to have your favourites. (If you haven’t, cast your eye over our whopping selection and feel your head explode.) But don’t panic. The classes are staying the same – they’re names are just getting a bit of a facelift.

So, what’s out and what’s in? Here’s your before-and-afters to look out for when you log in to the app from October 1st:

1 REP Max > The Fundamentals

Barbell Club > Barfly

Barre > No Holds Barre

Caveman > Cavemen & Neandergals

CircusFit > Cirque It

Combat Conditioning > Killer Combat

Commercial > Callback

Cycle Connect > Power Battle

Frame Fitness > WOD Squad

Gains > Gain Train

Gymboxing Sparring > Sluggers Club

Gymboxing Technical Sparring > Sweet Science

HIIT//CON > Beastmode

K1 Kickboxing > Kickboxing

Kettlebell Circuits > Swingers

Kettlebells > Swingers Club

Ripped & Stripped > Reppin’

Row30 > Deathrow

TRX > Suspenders

Looking for some more class inspo? Our latest batch of classes have been going down a treat in club. Click here to get the full lowdown on Aunt Liv, Braingasm, Gonged Out and Gymnasium – you won’t know which to book first.

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