New Classes for May

23rd April

You wait ages for the summer’s line-up announcements, then they suddenly drop when you least expect it. Well, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for, Gymboxers. Your next breathtaking, blood-pumping, back-bending-ly good batch of unique class concepts, fresh from the imaginations of your dedicated studio team. It’ll be a few weeks until this lovely little lot land in your timetables, but we were just too pumped to keep them from you any longer. Question is: which one will you book first?

Sucker Punch (Combat Sports)


Legendary bouts. Low blows. Ear biting. Boxing’s seen some things in its time, but never an undisputed champion quite like this. Sucker Punch is your chance to square up to the Spar Bar: a relentless training partner that tests your reactions, ups your defence… and makes you soon regret it if you don’t.

Monday 7pm, Elephant & Castle / Wednesday 6pm, Victoria / Saturday 12pm, Elephant & Castle

Sexhale (Holistic Retreat)


No feeling matches the energy, the buzz or the glow from a workout between the sheets. But in this sensually sweaty flow, we use yoga, movement and tantric breathing to channel that same sexual energy; charging your body with a feeling that lasts much longer than your average sexhale.

Wednesday 6pm, Old Street / Wednesday 6.45pm, Victoria / Friday 7.15pm, Westfield Stratford

Rolling With My Yogis (Holistic Retreat)


Meet the new prop on the block: our revolutionary Yoga Wheel is designed to help you feel a whole new flow. Open your chest, align your spine and get your hips flexing in a class that focuses on building strength in backbends and inversions at every level.

Monday 5.45pm, Cannon Street / Monday 7pm, Victoria / Monday 7pm, Holborn / Tuesday 5.30pm, Bank / Tuesday 6pm, Westfield London / Tuesday 6.45pm, Westfield Stratford / Wednesday 12.30pm, Elephant & Castle / Wednesday 1pm, Victoria / Thursday 6.45pm, Covent Garden

Digital Detox (Holistic Retreat)


Slave to the continuous scroll? Notorious phubber? Itching to Google what that even means? Take the first step to tackling your tech addiction at Digital Detox. Engaging your five senses through Yin Yoga and meditation, this class is a strict no-phone-zone – taking you far from glowing screens, follows and FOMO in search of real human connection.

Tuesday 12pm, Covent Garden, Tuesday 12.15pm, Farringdon / Tuesday 12.15pm, Old Street / Tuesday 6.45pm, Westfield London/ Wednesday 12.15pm Cannon Street / Wednesday 12.15pm, Holborn / Thursday 1pm, Bank

Bolt (Functional Training)


Whether you want to smash out competition-level clean and jerks or nail the perfect snatch, this class focused on the Basics of Olympic Lifting Technique will get you there in a flash. It’s a workout supercharged by the latest in velocity-based training technology. Track your speed, crack the basics and watch your data progress as you get your performance firing on all cylinders.

Monday 6.15pm, Victoria / Friday 5.30pm, Old Street

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