Instructor Spotlight: Meet Kylie Bond

29th July

The past 16 months have been an absolute shocker for many reasons. But perhaps the biggest bombshell of all? Kylie Bond actually managed to slow down! Back when zooming around meant something very different, you’d find her teaching her high-energy classes in our clubs all across London. Granted, she was bringing ALL the fire to Out The Box. But still, it’s safe to say she’s very excited about being able to put you through your paces IRL again. Resident blogger Kat went to say hello to everyone’s favourite turbo-charged trainer…

Can you tell me more about when you started working at Gymbox and how that came about?

I started working at Gymbox four years ago. At the time, I was trying to find a job that could go alongside my performing work. I was working as a waitress, bartender, promo girl, coffee barista, dance teacher...trying to juggle multiple jobs and hating it!

A friend that I used to go to gym classes with suggested that I should look into becoming an instructor. I spent so much time going to classes and already had teaching why not be the one coaching instead of participating? One of my best friends and Gymbox Instructor/Master Trainer Jess Parkinson was teaching spin at Gymbox. I got a day pass and attended one of her classes. I was instantly obsessed and wanted to work there.

I got my qualifications and auditioned. After auditioning, I was chucked in pretty quickly when Gymbox Victoria needed the Saturday 10:15am Bike and Beats class covered. It was both terrifying and amazing. That went on to become my first permanent class. I started picking up more spin classes and did training in other concepts. Pretty quickly, what I thought would be a side hustle became my full-time work.

What virtual classes were you teaching over lockdown?

In lockdown 1.0 I was teaching daily themed classes on Instagram. I racked up 56 different themes! My housemate would join me in all different kinds of fancy dress based on the theme. It was a real highlight of the first few months! My favourite themes were Disney, RuPaul, ‘Christmas in May’ and musicals. As well as my own private members Instagram page and Zoom classes, I teach both the on demand and live classes for Out the Box.

How have you found the experience compared to teaching in person?

I’ve actually loved teaching online! In the first lockdown, the fact that I was creating madness with the themes and entertaining people as well as making them sweat was amazing. I’ve found that there has been an opportunity to be my authentic self while teaching from home. I think in real life, sometimes a wall can go up for fear of judgment. Teaching from home, it’s as if that wall has been torn down.

I’m incredibly grateful to be doing the Out the Box on demand classes. I have found so much joy in being able to deliver workouts this way. I’ve also learnt so much from having to create a LOT of bodyweight workouts, and workouts that can be adapted using household equipment and small spaces. It’s been a real learning curve!

On your social media you come across as a very positive person. What are some things you were doing to try and raise your spirits during lockdown?

I find a lot of happiness through making others smile. My themed workouts in the first lockdown were the biggest spirit lifter. I joined running clubs, book clubs, drawing classes (I can’t draw to save my life, but it makes it all the funnier) and other people’s fitness and dance classes.

I live in a bit of a mad house where there is rarely a dull moment. A highlight was my birthday, we had a surprise prom evening where I was picked up in a cardboard limo to go to the dining room! I’ve kept at least one clip every day from the very first day of lockdown on my Instagram highlights. I can’t wait to look back in a few years and remember all the madness that took place.

It goes without saying we were all sick of lockdown. But have you personally found any positives in the situation?

I met my girlfriend a several months ago… she should have been in Australia travelling and I wouldn’t have met her had it not been for COVID. It only took a global pandemic to find love!

It’s given me amazing friendships too. I knew Melissa Power through Gymbox but didn’t know her properly. In the first lockdown, I messaged asking about some Hardcore class exercises and we just clicked. Along with Hattie Grover at Gymbox, and the three of us have become close friends. And in July, we taught an online Pride class together which was incredible. As soon as it was possible, we met for dinner and drinks.

Exploring where I live has also been great. In the first lockdown, I got a bike and started going on bike rides. This is something I’d never have had the time to do before, and there’s no chance that in my normal working weeks my legs would have allowed me to do it! So it was great to have that freedom.

Now we're back in the gyms again, what classes are you teaching?

I’m teaching Bike & Beats, Reppin’, Badass, Thunder, Pound, Hardcore and Sweat To The Beat! My permanent class locations are Victoria, Stratford, Holborn and Elephant and Castle.

Say hi to Kylie @kyliefitnessbond and find our blogger Kat on Instagram here.

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