Class Review: Aunt Liv

26th October

Some gyms give you Zumba. Others, Salsa (if you’re lucky.) But at Gymbox? Well, we prefer to scour the lengths and depths of pop culture, iconic choreography and pure dance legend to create one-of-a-kind classes that make every mover want to come shake whatever they’ve got. Our latest release is no exception, as reviewer Hayley found out as she headed off to Bel-Air…


Who remembers Aunt Viv?

She was of course, Will Smith’s sassy and VIVacious aunt in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But while her son Carlton’s moves are remembered for not being that unusual, Viv embodied a sense of fearlessness and fierceness that became legendary in an iconic moment of 90s TV. Yup, it’s that episode where she rocks a pink unitard, killer nails and that complicated routine at her dance class – something Gymbox has brought to life with the ‘Aunt Liv’ experience.


Celebrating Viv’s spirit and the awesomeness of 90s gym wear, Gymbox’s own ‘Aunt’ is here to pay homage to the original choreo queen. I did the Monday evening session at Cannon Street, when the class had only been going for a week. Almost always what makes a dance class absorbing, great fun and immersive, is the teacher. If their vibe is off or they can’t really connect with the students, the whole experience can be a bit excruciating with lots of clock watching. But this class? It totally flew by.

Nicola was brilliant. Dressed in green velour joggers and with crazy red hair, she had an exuberant energy that was infectious. The class description promises 'comedy, storytelling and pure personality’ and there was definitely that in spades. The routine itself wasn’t technically very difficult, but was crazy high intensity. Lots of leaping, throwing ourselves around, shaking of hair and bum thrusting. ‘Everybody Dance Now’ energy to the max.


Each movement was described as an action like ‘slamming a door’ or ‘chucking water’ so it was easy to copy her, while she added in basic jazz steps. I’m not going to lie, it was very, VERY sweaty… but it was also very fun. Nicola cracked jokes throughout and all inhibitions were out the window. Me and the other girls were high-fiving like best pals by the end.

The teacher pushed us hard. For the last 10 or so minutes of the class we did the routine over and over without stopping, burning loads of delicious calories. Doing the class on a Monday also gave me some much needed pep for the rest of the week. So if you like a kick ball change, crop tops and some sweet 90s tunes, head down to ‘Aunt Liv’. Your whole world’s sure to get flipped turned upside down.

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