The Gymbox Philosophy

We're not big on rules at Gymbox. We don't believe in pain without pleasure. We don't believe in sweating without a smile. And we don't take ourselves too seriously. But we do take your workout seriously. Really seriously. That's why everything we do, from the designs of our interiors, to the people we hire, and the classes we invent, have to inspire and excite, energise and ignite. We believe in creating workouts that get raved about and venues that get talked about, so forever and always, 'anything goes'.

​From Humble Beginnings

Apple was born in a garage, we were born in a car park. It was 2003, it was in the heart of the West End and our neighbours were definitely not our biggest fans. It wasn't because we replaced cars, bikes and vans with nightly-resident DJs, neon lights and pole dancers, but because we stuck our no-holds-barred, stake-in-the-ground with classes like Karaoke Spin, Rave Dancing and an 'anything goes' attitude.

We loved being the fitness industry's version of Marmite. We had just quit our jobs, we were young, hungry and buff and we were no fans of the bland, beige and boringly snooty health clubs. And we knew we weren't alone.

So we did what any die-hard sports, fitness and boxing fans would do – we hired the architectural legends behind the world-famous Hacienda nightclub in Manchester and turned our car park in Holborn into a place where working out felt like going out and exercise was hot and sweaty fun.

It was like no other gym in town. You could be anyone you wanted to be. Be any shape you happened to be. And be a man, woman or completely undecided. We didn't care. If you were serious about working out and having a laugh we were happy to accommodate. There were no disapproving glances, rolled eyeballs, tutts, sighs or potted palms round our place!

Just pure, unadulterated serious fun.

Skip forwards a decade and there's a Gymbox in nearly every part of London. Every one is home to the most unique and diverse classes in London, Olympic sized boxing rings, combat cages, world-class free weights sections, live DJs and larger-than-life personal trainers.

And just like our first born, each and every one of them is completely and utterly unique, not a step-and-repeat clone of the last.