The shocking reality of processed foods

Deanna Brash Posted: March 07, 2012

I have felt compelled to share an article with you, it is something that came to my attention about a year ago and I honestly believe, that if it was widely reported in the mainstream media a little more, we would be put off fast food for life.

Nutrition and food is a huge passion of mine - I love my body so much and the thought of putting any GMO ridden, aspartame filled and MSG enhanced products into my body sickens me.

We are supposedly the most intelligent species on this planet, however why is it that we, as a humanity still consume and allow our bodies to digest the poisons of artificial foods and man made products?

Worst of all, majority of foods readily on offer in restaurants and supermarkets are resistant to decomposition; not even mould will eat them - yet ’we’ do. If you were to put a McDonalds meal, a tub of margarine or potato crisps outside overnight, insects and rodents would reject them.

The mainstream media reported a story in 2010 after an artist kept a McDonald’s happy meal, unwrapped, for six months and it failed to decompose. Sure, the food solidified and hardened, but there was not one trace of mould to be found. Critics tried to justify the case by saying that given enough time, the happy meal hamburger eventually would develop moulding, but surely 6 months is long enough?

What on earth are they putting in this food to keep it looking fresh for so long? Tinned, frozen and packaged foods are designed to have a long shelf life by humans, not by mother nature. In reality most foods should start to deteriorate after a few days - breads, meats etc. Why is it that we are able to keep sauces in our cupboards for months or meats which last for a week and bread which doesn’t go off for days?

Below is a link to an article about the ’Happy Meal’ test and the reasons behind why McDonalds products cannot and will not mould. It will give you a much deeper insight to the artificial ingredients used in almost all of our products available on our supermarkets shelves. From meats to sweets, frozen pizza to stir fry sauces.

Eat naturally and avoid the horrible chemicals within our foods, for that is what mother nature intended, buy organic and free range meats, fruits and vegetables; where possible eat local produce or home grown foods.

Your body deserves to be loved by you, and cared for, it is your only permanent home so pay honour to it; show it your respect and give it the fuel it needs.

You wouldn’t fill an unleaded car with diesel would you? The same applies to your body.

Eat clean!

Deanna x

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