Pancake day, my way!

Deanna Brash Posted: February 21, 2012


I’m not religious, never have been; however I do love a good excuse to kick start new goals and get my diet back in order... We made our new years resolutions, and those who broke them had a second chance to redeem themselves when Chinese new year came along; now, it seems we have a third and final opportunity - Lent!

40 days where we give up the one thing we love most!

I want you to think long and hard about the one part of nutrition that lets your healthy lifestyle down: alcohol, sugars, dairy, wheat, artificial sweeteners, fizzy drinks etc.

Pick the one thing that holds you back the most, if you have it in the house then chuck it away now! That way you can resist all temptation.

If your diet is bad, then don’t be too dramatic; the likelihood that you will cut out all these products in one go, and go cold turkey overnight is highly unlikely, leaving you feeling defeated when you give in to your cravings. One small step at a time is most sensible and much more achievable.

Remember, lent isn’t always about a commitment to god or religion, it’s about a commitment to yourself; a chance to prove that you have the willpower to live a clean, healthy lifestyle which you and your body deserve! If you can manage for 40 days, then you can manage a lifetime of living well.

So, does this mean that today you get to blow out, ’treat yourself’ eating countless pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dessert topped with chocolate sauce, syrup, banana & nutella, sugar& lemon, strawberries & cream??

No way! If, like me, you love tradition and you have to have a pancake today, then get creative...

I’m going to be using blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and agave nectar (a natural honey/syrup alternative) to fill my health conscious pancakes - why don’t you try the same, I can assure you they will be delicious!!

You can even use the agave nectar as an alternative to refined sugar, drizzle on the pancake and top with freshly squeezed lemons. Brilliant!

Sometimes we deserve to treat ourselves - just remember, the more of them you eat, the harder you have to workout ;)

Have a fantastic day, and enjoy some scrummy, yummy, tummy friendly desserts...

Deanna x

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These look so good. I have been having Chia Seed pnuiddg every day for breakfast. I’ll have to try these pancakes.

EDTRswzTRlyo - 06/03/2012

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