Deadly Sins

Dave Fone Posted: July 08, 2011
7 Deadly Sins Here are 7 deadly sins, guaranteed to kill progress, wreck your body, and/or make you the enemy, rather than the envy, of the whole gym. 1. Vanity Now let’s not kid ourselves, a big benefit of training is building a better-looking body. It’s your body, it was your hard work that built it, you have a right to enjoy it. When you’ve finished your workout and you’re back in the changing rooms, a quick flex in the mirror is a nice reward for a good hard session. However, wearing a (...)

Your girlfriend might be right

Dave Fone Posted: June 30, 2011
Your girlfriend might be right; maybe you are afraid of commitment! On any day, there are hundreds of potential reasons not to get to the gym and train; That report needs writing up before tomorrow Your wrist is a bit sore It’s a nice day outside It’s not a nice day outside You don’t feel like it You’ve got a bit of a headache You’re going on holiday next week You’re on holiday this week Your (...)

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