Boxing, a beginners guide.

Jamie Toff (Crossfit - Poliquin - Boxing) Posted: June 08, 2012
Boxing, a beginners guide by Jamie Toff, Boxing Coach, GymBox Bank. For more information on this blog and Introductory PT sessions to boxing, please contact me here Boxing, a beginners guide. Cardiovascular exercise is imperative to any fitness regime. ‘Cardio’ promotes weight loss, builds strength in the heart and lungs, increases bone density, can reduce stress, gives you more energy and encourages better sleep. Recently interval training has become a popular form of cardio training. This (...)


Jamie Toff (Crossfit - Poliquin - Boxing) Posted: June 03, 2012
GymBox pride themselves on recruiting the best personal trainers and as former PT manager of the Bank and Covent Garden Clubs I was responsible for recruitment so I can testify to this! However, not every PT is suitable for every client so here I have listed some hints, tips and questions to ask to help you choose the right trainer for your needs before you part with your hard earned cash! Goals and Aspirations You may have several reasons for wanting to employ the services of a PT and (...)


Jamie Toff (Crossfit - Poliquin - Boxing) Posted: June 03, 2012
This month’s workout requires a rowering machine and a steel bell bag that can be found in all Gymbox clubs. However, you can also use a kettle bell or barbell. Also, if you don’t have a rowing machine, you can use a skipping rope. Here, I have the rower set on 10 and I’m using a 45kg - 100lb steel bell bag. Ladies and gents, please do not attempt this workout if you have not done cleans before. It is a skill full move and must be executed correctly. Please use a qualified coach or PT to (...)

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