Super Muay Thai Championships at London’s Koko

Lulu Le Vay Posted: April 22, 2014
Gymbox were bursting with pride when their in-house Muay Thai champs and UK’s highest-ranked team, Team Tieu, took over the space at London’s Koko last month. It was an intoxicating night led by head coach, Philip Tieu. We meet him. Super Muay Thai Championships from The Editor on Vimeo. The fight took place on March 16th and it was our biggest show ever! It confirmed to me how special my fighters are, and the scale of shows that we can do moving forward. Putting on a show at Koko was a (...)

Roger Gracie BJJ Academy Meets Gymbox

Lulu Le Vay Posted: April 02, 2014
Gymbox are excited to announce a partnership with the Roger Gracie Academy. This new collaboration will offer an ’all inclusive’ deal. This means you will have the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaching by the Roger Gracie Team, free access to Gymbox to help you achieve your goals, plus access to other forms of martial arts that Gymbox offer. The Roger Gracie Academy will run four classes per day, five days per week - and one class on Saturdays. The classes are separated from beginner to advanced, and (...)

Flex: UFC FIT Class Review

Lulu Le Vay Posted: March 19, 2014
Did you know UFC Fit - one of the biggest fitness brands in the world - had come to Gymbox? Well you do now. We sent in our blogger mate Charlotte Thomas of Lungesandlycra to see what all the fuss is about. When I asked my flatmate what UFC was, he said ’it’s basically an anything goes style of fighting. The only things you’re not really allowed to do are pull someone’s clavicle or kick them in the knackers.’ Then he showed me how to perform a choke hold. As a short ass weakling with invisible (...)

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