Pop, Lock and Groove! Freez class review

Lulu Le Vay Posted: April 15, 2014
Freez is a new choreographed hip-hop fitness class, which will take you through decades of hip hop and dance history, from 70s soul, 80s breakdance, 90s MC Hammer and 00s house - with some popping, locking and grooving in-between. This is a fantastically addictive fitness class, choreographed to some of this genre’s all-time favourite tunes. We sent in friend and blogger Maia Virdee to break out some moves... Having never really tried an alternative dance fitness class before, I was not (...)

Your Questions: Glutes, Calories, Carbs and More

Desmond Blakely Posted: April 12, 2014
Desmond Blakely and Henry Cook - VPTs at Gymbox Farringdon - have all the answers to get you looking, feeling and performing at your best. If you’ve got a question of your own that you’d like answering - contact one of them - they’ll get back to you with a response and maybe stick it in a future blog post. ___________________________________________________________________ ANSWERED BY: HENRY COOK “How can i calculate as accurately as possible how many calories I burn a day? Is it much (...)

Lean on Me: VPT/Member Profile

Lulu Le Vay Posted: April 10, 2014
As it is ’lean’ month this month, we will be profiling some of the beautiful relationships - and the results - that have come out of our VPTs training our members. This week we have VPT Steve Wise from Gymbox Holborn who trained Rasheed Rahman over six months to compete against his twin brother for the ’best beach body’ for their recent holiday in Miami. He won! He dropped from 28% body fat down to 14%, which is an amazing achievement. This is how it happened... Steve on Rasheed "When Rasheed (...)

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