Originals: Gymbox Pioneers - Meet Spin Instructor, Sam McClary

Lulu Le Vay Posted: September 25, 2014
Spin instructor Sam McClary, who’s been with us for five years, is best know at Gymbox for her Death By Spin classes she teaches at Bank. She is about to embark on The Challenge, which is 1, 100 miles cycling over 15 days across 13 cities. All to raise much-needed funds for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We meet the Gymbox Original. Hi Sam, you’ve been with us for a while now. How has the Gymbox experience been for you so far? I love Gymbox. I train there as well as teach. Holborn for me as a (...)

Gymbod Originals: Meet Danny Pace!

Lulu Le Vay Posted: September 24, 2014
Danny Pace, 26, is Essex born and bred. As a member of Gymbox Holborn, he shares with us what his tattoos mean and the importance of setting fitness goals. Hi Danny! We love your tattoos, tell us about them The tattoos are something built up over time. The Arabic on my arm means ’fear is temporary’ - the idea behind this is its motivational. If you’re afraid of something - say a bungee jump - that fear you feel would only be temporary. After you’ve completed the jump, that fear will be (...)

Originals: UFC Fit class review with Hayley Nolan

Lulu Le Vay Posted: September 23, 2014
Friend and blogger Hayley Nolan just can’t keep away. She’s back, and this week she’s tackled UFC Fit. "Be prepared to come face-to-face with your competitive steak when you step into this class!" she says. I’ve done enough training at Gymbox now to know the difference between the classes that push you to the very edge of your physical limits, and those that challenge you, make you sweat like a beast yet with the right motivation is something you can conquer. By the end of class feel like a (...)

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